Sunday, 12 August 2012

Qualifications required for Chain Hoist for Operation

Whenever any machine is to be used efficiently, it is very important to possess proper know how for it. This is equally applicable in the operation of Chain Hoist too. If any unqualified person is allocated to operate it then there are chances of mishap and loss to life and property too.

There should be a rule which only allows the designated and appropriately qualified personnel are allowed to operate them. The properly qualified personnel can operate the equipment safely which shall thereby can extend the equipment’s service life and reduce costs by avoiding potentially hazardous operations. The physical and mental condition is equally important along with sound technical knowledge.

The following are some of the points that are to be kept in mind while choosing the workers for this domain:
·         They must have normal hearing, vision, and depth perception.
·         It is not advisable to operate a crane or hoist if they have a known physical condition that would prevent them from acting quickly in case of an emergency.
·         Operators who are taking prescribed medication should make sure that the medication will not impair the ability to operate cranes and hoists safely.
·         Use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in the workplace. If you suspect an operator’s ability to be impaired for this or any other reason, notify a supervisor immediately

For the knowledge sharing purpose training programs should be organized along with some practical sessions. The employees shall greatly benefit from crane and hoist training. The employees should be cautious and not use homemade, modified, unrated, or in-certified equipment. There should be an inspection done on timely basis to know about the status of the operators’ knowledge about Chain Hoist.

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